Renewed Purpose

Unsound America’s WordPress blog will have a new reason for being: I will be posting album reviews.

This will be a different kind of review process.  I make music and I am an avid listener of music.  My tastes run the gamut; I have preferences in nearly every genre, including brainless pop music.  When I hear something I enjoy, I know why.  It’s simple, really.  Typically, we’re talking about a particular sound, vocalization, or production style as examples of what hooks me on a track.  But that’s one side of the equation.  The second object: my emotional response.  Now we’re introducing something fairly esoteric and intangible to the mix, the springboard for my less objective or technical thinking.  So, it’s not just about the sound, now, but it also concerns the impact of that sound on something the artist has no immediate, physical control over: me.

Sometimes that experience of flipping organized sound on it’s side and finding an emotional vein is so profound or affecting that I feel compelled to write about it.  Therefor, I’ve re-launched this blog specifically for the purpose of commenting on music that provokes a strong reaction.  Not everything I hear will be written about, of course, and not everything I write about will be something I necessarily like.  Moreover, this is a self-serving exercise in writing to keep myself sharp.  I like to hear what’s on the horizon, before it has hit the radio or changed any lives.  I like to imagine myself as an early adopter – which is wildly inaccurate, but I’ll see how far I can coast on posturing alone.

I may or may not accept submission for reviews.  Part of my reasoning is that I want to discover whatever I’m writing about; I want it to be my great idea, my absorbing experience, or desire for attention that drives the content of these reviews.  Otherwise I don’t think I would be able to write honestly.  Being mindful of my grammar is a challenge in and of itself.  But my real desire and stated goal is to expose interesting new music to whomever might read this blog.  To be sure, I’m not sourcing my music from places the average web user doesn’t have access to.  This will be entirely focused on whatever crosses my path, whether it slithers or soars.

I am one of several million music producers, sitting at home staring into a glowing screen and trying to figure out how to connect.  I hope that by writing these reviews, I will have somehow demonstrated one way an average person (like myself) can truly reach out and try to understand – or try to feel the emotional weight – of someone else’s dream.